What is Precise Powerlifting systems?

PPS is an online raw power lifting coaching and resource provider that is dedicated to ensuring every single athlete progresses through precision practices.

What make PPS different?

The level of education and sense of community that our coaches poses, provides an experience which continuously develops both the coach and the athlete.

Our focus is to offer a practical, evidence based approach to powerlifting that focuses on your long-term sustainability and progress.

This creates one of the most personal, professional & customisable coaching services available in New Zealand.

Vision Statement

Precise Powerlifting Systems strategic vision is to be the leading online powerlifting service provider in New Zealand and abroad.

We will offer the most effective and comprehensive coaching services to athletes, from novice to elite and an extensive arrange of relative, informative and entertaining content for those interested in strength sports and powerlifting.

Mission Statement

The mission of Precise Powerlifting Systems is to give the most comprehensive, effective and evidence based programming and coaching to all powerlifting athletes working with PPS.

Athletes will receive personalised, customisable programmes and coaching developed in accordance to their training history and strengths and weaknesses. Our focus is on long-term sustainability, progress and healthy athletes. This will be achieved by drawing on our tertiary qualifications and experiences as both athletes and coaches.